About Economy Run, EcoRun, EcoRally, EcoRunRally...

Welcome to the EcoRally pages, which tells you in English what is happening in Finland and in NEZ EcoRallies. This is a private web of Jaakko Riikonen, an EcoRun competitior, as well!

The NEZ EcoRally Cup is in Horsens, Denmark on 15.5. - 16.5.2015. Please see subpages on this site or take a direct link to actual competition info page. They have a Facebook page, as well.

In Finland we have four national cup competitions. If you want to receive points in our national AL-Sport EcoRun Cup, it is only an easy and free of charge notice and you will be competing aside the Finns. The competition winner as well as the cup winner can be a foreigner as likely as a Finn!

Eco is a shorter form for Economy, in this case for fuel economy. EcoRun is a motor racing, where the idea is to promote the fuel-efficient driving techniques, which can be applied to every-day motoring. The racing vehicles are standard production motorcars and often taken straight from the dealers´ showrooms. The race takes place in the typical traffic conditions, although some of the racing is done during the night hours. Modifications having an impact on fuel consumption are not allowed. The racing arena is challenging and the self-made training emphases the importance of day-to-day driving skills.

The official web site for EcoRun in Finland - but sorry in Finnish! - is at http://al-sport.fi/ecorun2